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Fine Bureaucratic Cannibals

Fine Bureaucratic Cannibals

Trading independence for comfort always ends in slavery.

     It always seems that the distinction between bureaucracy and legitimate representative government must be made. No one voted for bureaucracy. Such administrative structures are always a concession to expediency. Whether it is zoning regulations or “streamlining” the Judicial system, the process always involves waiver of the rights of a living, flesh and blood human being. When we are dissatisfied with the performance of social infrastructure, we must be careful about what we demand. We have certainly gotten expediency in exchange for justice, since 1860. 

      When we search history for patterns that reflect on our current circumstances, we see a number of striking parallels. We can look back and learn from the failures of the past. The names and faces change, but the agenda of world domination, remains. There are very real dangers in failing to recognize and properly confront dangers and their warning signs. Neglect has created a bigger problem to resolve, in so many cases. Does it always take a war to clean house in this world? It shouldn’t, but we weren’t taught well enough to do the right thing. Perhaps we can educate ourselves, better than we were taught.

     The most damaging process was set in motion when we were drawn into a private law system, outside of the Constitution of the United States of America, leaving us at the mercy of bureaucracy. To be under a system that denies humanity in favor of legal fiction is the description of indentured servitude. The basic requirements of proper, binding agreement have been marginalized and eliminated, ever since. This is why the world in general, and the United States specifically, is so unstable. People have waived their rights as living beings, created by God. We have abandoned His ways, and the money that He created, in exchange for the legal standing and access to borrowed debt, in alliance with a corporate structure that openly and publicly, hates God. We have been complacent and compliant in the whole range of criminal activity, displayed by commercial activity in Corporatism. We have inherited lies from our fathers. The damage doesn’t end with the individual. The turmoil, confusion and consequences carry through to the third and fourth generations. This has been the case for so many generations, that the question of how much longer we can survive in this practice is brought into doubt.

     Therefore, men and brethren, what shall we do? The choice is simple. We can either continue in our ungodly ways and perish, or recover our Standing as Citizens of One Nation under God. The means and Laws are there for our remedy. The question is whether or not we have the courage to stand in the face of severe corporate opposition, trusting our defense to God. He established this Nation of free people. He is able to restore and defend it from the Corporatist usurpers. The future security of our Nation is built on individual Sovereignty. We must educate ourselves and act on the evidence that we find. Conscience and future judgment will accept nothing less.


3 Comments on “Fine Bureaucratic Cannibals”

  1. Melvin Cownzowfsky says:

    Dear friend George, Somewhere in your blogs it, I believe, would be good to point out that the U.S.A. and the u.S.A. are not the same thing! The original united States Constitution was written with a lower case ‘u’. This is indicative that the several Sovereign States of the union have joined together reserving many/most rights and freedoms for themselves and not submitting all (or almost all) to a strong Federal government, which none of our forefathers ever wanted to see become established and for good reason. As we both know the American Civil War was fought over States’ rights with the issue of ‘Slavery’ being in effect a non-issue for neither the Confederacy nor the Feds. As we both know the wrong side won that war!
    In effect we have 2 constitutions one is the original, which most real united States patriots support fully and then there’s the ‘corporate’ U.S.A. which nobody except the rich and powerful support for good reason as well, but only for their own good, not ours! As many are now fully aware the corporate U.S. not only is bankrupt economically speaking, but ethically and morally as well. This has been so ever since the crash of 1929 and FDRs’ introduction of the ‘New [Socialist-de-facto Communist /enslavement] Deal, which we both know was accomplished and established via fraud and bold deception on the part of the likes of J.P. Morgan et al, as is so clearly delineated in the book, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island.’ See an excerpt from same at: Better yet, read the entire book. It’s available to be read free online. (…or at least at one time it was!) If ever there was a book which explains how we got into so much deep Socio-economic and political ‘doo doo,’ G. Edward Griffins’ excellent book, ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island,’ is surely a reliable, if discouraging, resource! It’s discouraging only because not enough Americans have awakened to the facts contained in the book and actually done anything about the evils described therein.

  2. Vielen Dank! Ich mag, um zu sehen, was dabei herauskommt schriftlich nach einem guten Schlaf. Manchmal wird eine Schlagzeile oder etwas im Radio und TV aus einer Flut von Schreiben gesetzt. Ich bin nur an, was hat sich in den letzten 4 Jahren gekommen erstaunt.

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