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Sink, Swim Or Learn To Dance On Water

Sink, Swim Or Learn To Dance On Water

     In the course of public discourse, every current event comes back to the basic question:
“To what purpose?”.
    It is the basic human need for meaning and validity in life that brings us to a personal accounting. Our purpose lies beyond our own lifetime and our duty comes from long before it.
     When we take inventory of our assets in the world, do we ever consider who or what we have given ourselves to? Loyalty is a fine trait to exhibit. Misplaced loyalty makes an individual expended ordnance in ideological wars. The process is always the same. There will always be those who believe that the world will be a better place, after your wealth is redistributed and your labor is reassigned. Since we have conclusive proof that no man can be trusted to represent the interests of another, our only choice is to represent ourselves. Whatever dreams U. S. citizens hold, they can forget them. They stand in line, waiting for “their” dole from the public treasury. We have so declined as a society that we are now dependent on distant commercial interests for our livelihoods, income and stability. The question that I began asking, 40 years ago is still relevant.
     “Have you considered how much better off you would be, if the Federal government never got it’s hands on your money, in the first place?”
     In fact, subsequent questions on the subject challenge us to recover the independence and American backbone that previous generations lost. The oppression inflicted on us today originally brought us to an understanding of the founding principles of the United States of America. In the history of this country, we were crippled by private banks, bringing us under the slavery of corporatism. With every opportunity of crisis, people were shoved off the land,and herded into holding pens, called cities. It was an evil trap that was sprung. The temptation to leave the honorable activity of producing our needs from the land that God gave us, with our own hands and labor, in favor of the commercial marketplace, left us at the mercy of commercial predators in the Federal Reserve system. Their willing accomplices in Washington, D. C. have been very well compensated for their betrayal of the public trust. Yet, the nation continues to support this duplicitous and and treacherous enterprise in moral, legal and financial terms. This meek surrender to the consolidation of power in the operational structure of Corporatism, within the ideological environment of Globalism, is changing this nation beyond recognition. In the immediate future, a legislature obsessed with controlling more revenue will fall in line with changing the law of the land into rulings of “an extra-legal experience”. The recently expressed objective for the next Supreme Court justice should be warning enough. The Supreme Court has already based previous decisions on International law. The claim that this has been a nation of the People, by the People and for the People has been a lie for a very long time. First, it is very difficult to find any People.
     In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled that, presumably there were no People, in the legal definition sense of the word. Now, most citizens are “human resources”, in the inventory of the Federal “government”. I quote the word because only a legitimate government has legitimate authority. This bastard corporation, in rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America, has committed acts of war against the free People of this nation. In 1867, in the Preamble to the Congressional Record, Congress claimed conquest over the States. That is an act of war. The organization we are threatened by now, hindered only by the consequences of it’s own fraud and theft, depends on “New Deals” and “Contracts With America” to sweep it’s transgressions under the rug. In the commercial exchanges of the recent past, we have had Czars that no one voted for, formulating, implementing and enforcing public policy. We are accustomed to comfort and license in the context of an Eastern European mentality.
     There are no toll-free numbers in Hell. Paper burns. Reality brings fantasy to judgment. All we truly possess is the life that God created and the conscience to remind and motivate us to do right. I suggest that we listen closely, and learn.

It is fascinating to watch the public relations campaign waged by the Federal Reserve. Do not be deceived. This is an economic war. In September of 2007, I said that the bailout plan would not work, because there is no substance in it. There has never been a “new” bailout plan. This is the same plan that has collapsed every paper economy in history. I can only repeat myself, here. People will not believe the truth of history until someone they trust, takes everything they have, leaving them homeless beggars on the street.
It is evidence of Federal Reserve marketing skills that people left the keys on the kitchen counter, walked out for the last time, and blamed themselves for their financial demise, in the mortgage collapse. Granted, poor financial decisions produce bad financial consequences. The only guilt those people have is in believing lies they received from presumably trustworthy people. That’s a common trait in human nature, to believe lies that feel better than the truth. Falling victim to the best executed scam since the toilet paper shortage caught people shortsighted and naive. We have to question whether we have any sound judgment with which to defend ourselves.

Taking stock of our circumstances is not encouraging. We have degenerated into a nation of little, warring factions, all struggling for dominance within the corporate structure. It is what Michael Corbin of “A Closer Look” called “the Balkanization of America”. The social structure is now the domain of countless Third World style warlords in the streets. Speeches from the clowns in the Big Top that is Washington, D. C., won’t change any condition in the real world. People who have no experience in producing anything with their own hands are not qualified to speak about the real economy. For one thing, there has been no “real economy” in the history of the Federal Reserve. the closest facsimile was parity pricing in agriculture. Of course, that got in the way of the Federal Reserve debt game. The history of the war against landowner rights and the family farm is a blueprint for the slavery that is coming to the cities. The noose is tightening. The demographics have become increasingly urban, since the Great Depression. We have gone past the point of more people working in government, than not. All economic activity is being brought into dependency on direct regulation or subjugation by subsidy. The chilling fact is that more people demand such conditions, than resist them.

What are our options? The dangers of Corporatism are clearly stated and published, common knowledge in public conversation. Everyone is expendable and disposable. Job performance is no longer a measure of security. No aspect of the commercial infrastructure is safe. We have seen production and distribution systems tested by contamination and disease threats. The most basic option available to us is in the local relationships that we have and can build on. The need for locally produced supplies is obvious. It would be a return to the days before national chain supermarkets and uncertain supplies.

I would be more encouraged by local community decisions if local governments were not so hooked on the Federal handout. The addiction of the general populace to the Federal Reserve paper cocaine makes this so. Until we break this death spiral of dependency and emergency measures, life will continue to become more insecure and restrictive. The examples of emergency actions and civil strife should never even be considered an option, here in the United States.

We really should consider the protections inherent in our local relationships. The horror stories of past economic collapses in other countries should never be part of our experience. Our neighbors are worth every bit as much as we are. This is why we study history and strive to educate. We must remember what an American is supposed to be. Our Founders would have run the flag-waving Corporatists out of town, in disgrace. Such Socialist people did exist, in the Founding Era. Wholly dependent on the Bank of England, compromised by commercial relationships with foreign interests, they took comfort and profit, unjustly extorted from the people who built a society on a raw continent. Those that sided with the corporate management, fled for their lives. We have a more effective method. Stop transacting with the Federal Reserve.

Neighbors are more trustworthy than bureaucrats. They certainly are less likely to be compromised by central banks, if their needs are met locally and personally. Neighbors have more interests in common. We know that the Federal Reserve was never our friend.


One Comment on “Sink, Swim Or Learn To Dance On Water”

  1. I don’t understand the errors and I wouldn’t be able to correct them. That would be a WordPress issue.
    The best I can tell you is that you would have to contact them. I know the importance of the RSS feed. The Zero Hedge feed is important to me. I’ll check into what my feed is doing.

    George .

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