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Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction Update 01/15/2011

As the headlines state each day, people are not happy with the way the world is being reconstructed. The problem is that everything that is good and right is being dismantled, in the process. People are not idiots, regardless of what social engineers in their Ivory Towers may think.

In the middle 1800’s, the rich men of the earth had a problem with our form of government. Even though the central banks got what they wanted with the formation of a central, Federal corporation to mediate the mutual affairs of the Sovereign States, that wasn’t good enough. They just had to reconstruct America, in their Corporatist image. Through war and private bank currency manipulation, we now find ourselves deep in debt slavery. As long as people want to corrupt themselves by voluntarily  consenting and submitting to the restrictions of U. S. citizenship, there is nothing that can be done about it. Like cows in the stockyard or sheep, waiting to be fleeced, the crowds moo and bleat, on their way to a bad end.

The encouraging aspect of all of this turmoil is that people do have ideas about exercising personal autonomy, and have acted on those ideas. Pulling deposits out of multi – national corporate banks is something that works. Everybody has to start somewhere, and the steps in that direction do lead to independence. The next logical step would be refusal to do business that practice fractional banking. We have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into believing that we will drop dead without the Federal Reserve corruption. that the 99% would never shake off the noose from their necks, and walk away from the debt gallows. until and unless people understand that the currency is the lock on the prison gate, the decline of what used to be America will continue to a literal dead end.

Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction

“Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat:

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth to unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Matt. 7 : 13, 14

As we all fully understand, failing to learn from history condemns people to repeat the failures in history. You would think that the daily headlines would provoke great alarm. I pray we don’t get fooled again.

“A good case can be made for granting the Federal Reserve explicit oversight authority for systemically important payment and settlement systems.”

Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman

qouted from the Denver Post, March 11, 2009

“If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all property and liberty; the people shall find themselves homeless on the land their fathers conquered.”

Thomas Jefferson

Yes, of course a good case can be made for the fox to be in charge of the henhouse. It was a good enough case for the group at Jekyll Island that resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve, in the first place. Repeating the practices that history testifies against is a recipe for certain destruction. History testifies that private banks either achieve their objectives or deliberately collapse economies to get it done.

The private bankers and their accomplices in government have been practicing fraud for so long that they no longer are cognisant of their consciences. That alone would be self-evident condemnation. Compounding the error is the “go along, to get along” mentality of the people.

I strongly suspect that the use of Federal Reserve notes are both a voluntary act of consent and identification as willing co – conspirators in felony fraud, racketeering, extortion, murder for hire and the rest of the dereliction of duty in government.

May we find alternatives to the fraud system before we are taken to destruction, with it.

If history is measured by memorable events, then those events are formed in man’s interaction with the land. The natural order is that individuals are required to produce their wealth and daily provisions from the land. As long as this framework is followed, life is good. Unfortunately, there are destructive flaws in human nature.

History marks change by archiving departures from the natural order. When men seek to acquire wealth that they did not produce from the land with their own hands, it is doomed to end in conflict and failure. The history of commerce and politics is a condemning testimony of one “New Deal” after another. Each change is always a step downward toward despotism. The truism that men who refuse to be ruled by G-d shall be ruled by tyrants is as immutable as the Law of Gravity. Those caught with their hand in the cookie jar always try to renegotiate the terms.

How does this play out in American history? There are so many fascinating stories in agriculture, manufacturing and marketing in our history. Control of production, labor in the workplace, and markets has driven the development of the society we see today. Anything that is wrong with it today, was wrong with it in Colonial times.

The common thread in American history has been that the foundation of modern society was imported. The concepts of industry came primarily from Europe. Developments in technology notwithstanding, the control mechanisms still follow the traditions and class structure. The names and stated functions of institutions may change, but in practice, their behavior is the same. Labor unions become closed guild systems. Importing labor is still a standard practice. The terms have changed meaning, making citizenship a thinly disguised form of slavery.

This brings us to the focal point in history’s future. For all the attention that the Mark of the Beast gets, we lose sight of the fact that all governments restrict buying and selling. In Colonial times, refusal to accept the fiat paper currency carried the death penalty. To say that monetary policies to this point are any more honorable or ethical than the Devil’s system is naive and shortsighted. All people have been conditioned to comply with the demands of illegitimate authority. All have been indoctrinated into the process of the Beast.

We’ve heard dozens of Titanic analogies for the economy. This one should be a little different slant on the subject. The comparison of historical track records for White Star Lines and the Federal Reserve should give sensible people pause to shudder.

Prior to the Titanic disaster, there was no undue cause for alarm in a voyage with that company. The same cannot be said for the Federal Reserve. The history of private banking is a tale of boom, crash and burn. No trustworthy institution was ever established. When fraud and theft were exposed, private central bank resorted to extortion, blackmail and financial acts of war against the legitimate government of the United States of America.

How does the Titanic sinking compare to the present “voyage” of the Federal Reserve? How does the behavior of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke compare with the judgement and actions taken by the captain of the Titanic? The answers to these questions are very telling. No one involved in the manipulation of the economy is competent to drive a shopping cart, let alone anyone’s future quality of life.

In the investigation of the Titanic sinking, both White Star Lines and it’s onboard personnel had admirable records of service. The same can’t be said for anyone in the banking industry. Industry is a bad choice of words, in the case of the Fed. Such an institution is no more legitimate than a drug cartel.

What of the actions taken by the Fed? Unlike the captain of the Titanic, Mr. Bernanke’s decisions have been quite opposite. Where the captain of the Titanic slammed on the brakes and tried to avoid the impact, Helicopter Ben chose full speed ahead. We know the risk of accelerating to avoid a wreck: catastrophic structural failure. When the Titanic broke up, the boilers broke loose and the floor of the Atlantic was littered with scrap and coal. When the Fed meets it’s end, will the floor of the economy be littered with printing presses and paper? How many casualties will there be?

“In a Socialist country, you can get rich by providing necessities, while in a capitalist country, you can get rich by providing luxuries.”

This was the solution to a cryptogram, over the weekend. I don’t know who wrote it. I’m glad it wasn’t me. I disagree with it. I’m changing it to something much closer to the truth.

The first part should be:

“In a Socialist country, you can get rich by providing that which is prohibited by government regulation.”

I was thinking about the United States when I revised the quote. Legal prohibitions ensure that only the politically well-connected can profit from illegal activity. In point of legal fact, by Power of Attorney granted to gain standing in the Federal corporation as United States “citizens”, they commission government agencies to act in their name and by their legal authority. By access to the “system”, they profit from criminal behavior, including the monetary system. Of course, their immunity lasts only as long as they maintain their political power and influence. That doesn’t last, forever.

No one would have dreamed, 100 years ago, that the United States would be involved in a significant role in creating a global Socialist government, yet, here we are.

The second part should be:

“In a Capitalist country, you can get rich by producing and marketing goods and services that people willingly pay for.”

That’s more like it. Unfortunately, such free market activity hasn’t been seen in the United States in at least 80 years. Government began picking at the pie openly, in the 1930s.

In a recent newspaper article, it was stated that, after the recent series of bailouts, the Federal Ponzi scheme (my term) owns 60% of domestic economic activity. that figure was projected to jump to 95%, after universal healthcare is instituted. This will mean that the word “willing” will have no personal meaning, in this economy. Economic activity is becoming a directly managed Federal benefit program. This is the textbook definition of Fascism.

The enforced corruption that people have become accustomed to since 1867 has become as natural as breathing. Not only do people submit to it’s influence, thewy act as agents of the corporation, without a twinge of conscience. They aggressively act to keep everyone around them, reconstructed.

People are alarmed when anyone suggests that there is anything wrong with the currency. They cite the historically temporary justification that Federal Reserve notes are accepted in exchange for goods and services. They don’t understand that this is a trap, not an equitable exchange. They don’t know the debt they incur by using the currency. They have forgotten the Great Depression. They are getting a refresher course.

“Economics is a financially worthwhile study, only if you don’t waste tuition for a college education on it. A degree in Marxist Socialism will profit you nothing and damage your country.”

What is the most extensive and intrusive influence of Reconstruction?

The shocking result is that very few people want to be Americans, according to the legal definition of a Citizen of a Country. Instead, they choose to be a shareholder in a corporation, under the burden of debt, a United States “citizen”, subject to the laws AND STATUTES of the United States. They are not free until they satisfy the obligations of that contract. Furthermore, they are defined by that contract as incompetent to tend to their own affairs and wards of the State.

Historically, there have been efforts to extend the obligation of debt, beyond the grave. The method that has proven most effective is leaving debt to be paid by future generations. The economic model is now perpetual debt, enslaving a conquered people, and operating perpetual war. The corporate structure accepts labor, property and blood in payment of debt.

When will a generation step up and present the self-evident proof that it was obligated to the terms of a contract, before the age of consent, by the actions of a third party and with no opportunity for informed consent? These failures on the part of the Federal corporation and it’s agents and subsidiaries invalidate the contract.

It is very disturbing that Federal Reserve notes serve multiple functions, in actual practice.

First, they appear, by their use, to identify all participants in transactions as willing co-conspirators in rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Second, appears that participants in the fiat paper economy are actively maintaining the violent overthrow of the legitimate government of this nation. Supporting the Federal corporation’s claim of right of conquest over the States is not Patriotism. How do we escape this paper prison? I would suggest the following reading list. Think on these things and decide for yourselves.

“The Coming Battle” by M. W. Walbert

“The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

“The Red Amendment” by L. B. Bork 

“The Law That Never Was” by William Benson  

After reading, you’ll at least know what you are dealing with.


5 Comments on “Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction Update 01/15/2011”

  1. The links in this post are a treasure trove of information. Searching history and finding the details that we were never taught in school is a great adventure.

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