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Straight As It Gets

Straight As It Gets

If you’re a passenger in a car, and you see a turn up ahead, do you say something, or stay silent? Perhaps the driver has road hypnosis and doesn’t see what is ahead. Finally, you can’t take the uncertainty, anymore. You say,

“There is a turn ahead. you need to turn to the right, when we get there.”

The driver, disturbed from his mental haze, is a little irked. He says,

“The road has been straight for almost 2,000 years. Go back to sleep and mind your own business.”

You would like to comply, but you are running out of time. This being a crisis, you become more specific. You say,

“If you don’t turn in time, we”ll run off the road and hit a tree!”

Now the driver is so upset that he spills his soft drink in his bag of snacks. This really sets him off. He says in that methodical, on-the-edge voice, “If you don’t shut up, I’ll leave you by the side of the road!”

You quickly reply, “OK!! Stop and let me out!”

As the car slows to a stop, the driver’s mind clears and he sees the tree, too close for comfort. He shouts ,


You quietly answer, “Because my eyes were open to it.”

That is how life is. We never know everything, about everything. For billions of people, there is a turn coming. May our eyes be open to see it. May we speak when timing is in doubt. Some people might run out of time.

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4 Comments on “Straight As It Gets”

  1. Thank you Brother.”There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Pr.14:12 Lord open our eyes, and grant us wisdom to discern where your is Spirit expressly leads, according to your tender mercies, guide us to the path of righteousness for your Names sake. Now and always. Amin

    • You are welcome, and thank you for reinforcing the point of this blog. In your prayer you remind
      me that the Holy Spirit is the voice of reason in the passenger seat. I wrote it, placing the reader in that seat.
      I hope that people will recognize that they have heard that voice, when they were headed for trouble. May we
      have ears to hear and eyes to see b’Shem Yahshua ha Maschiach, Amein.

  2. Melvin Cownzowfsky says:

    All too true! Jews, in particular, have been especially blind to the tree of sacrifice for the salvation of us all. I guess something startling must take place b4 anyone is willing to see the truth of practically anything.
    At one time I believed and was actually convinced that a College Degree would assure a goodly measure of success. Then the economic downturn in the Engineering field, of the mid-late 1980’s, showed me Engineers with Masters’ Degrees flipping hamburgers in Southern California. College degrees no longer impress me for either the supposed ‘knowledge’ which the holder of same one would tend to expect of them or the abject failures of those who hold such degrees when they behave like first class bone heads in any given field of pursuit. Suddenly it became imminently obvious to me that much of what I’d been taught in school (especially by College advisers) was pure unadulterated B.S.(& I surely do not mean Bachelor of Science here).
    I know of one fellow in particular who bought the ‘College Education Necessity’ lie, hook,line and sinker! He, after many years above and beyond the norm, spent in college, managed to receive a M.A. in Education! He lasted one day on the job and resorted to delivering pizzas. While it’s very true that this particular fellow might have been a good local grocer or some sort of relatively successful retailer of whatever, he wasted a huge amount of time in school trying to be something he could never be …a teacher! His counselors should be ashamed of themselves for encouraging him to continue in school. The last I heard of this fellow was that he’d become a recluse and a hermit venturing out only for groceries or making pizza delivery runs.

  3. Eventually, we admit the obvious. In 1983, my claims examiner at the Dept. of Employment had a Phd in Psychology. Live and learn. A college degree works only if someone is going to be a career academic and get it done on big grants, like Fulbright Scholarships. Otherwise, save your pennies and buy real, solid gold and silver. That’s a debt-free nest egg.

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