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You Have Been Acquired

     The evidence of acquisition is in the methods of management. When individuals use and store their property, the interactions in that activity draw attention from all corners. As an example, the way that someone stores and maintains their lawnmower is just as important as the way they cut their lawn.
    I’ve written in the past about U. S, citizens being property of the Federal corporation. This no more obvious than in the municipal responses to displaced, disenfranchised and dispossessed people. In these economic conditions, so many people have lost their homes and possessions. They live in the streets and parks, hol;ding only those possessions that they can carry or hide.  These “cat and mouse” games that take place are just more of the same old profiling and ostracism that took place in 1930’s Germany and in other countries, leading up to people being disappeared and disposed of as garbage. In Chile during the Allende regime, people were drugged, loaded on cargo planes, and dumped over the open ocean, never to be seen, again.
     We can not allow city government, municipal judges and prosecutors, to create a safe environment for class warfare, unequal application of civil rights and the encouragement of genocide.
    The art of the deal isn’t so pleasant when the terms are vague and the practices are predatory. The United States didn’t get in this mess, overnight. It took the diligent efforts of many crooked people to build this house of corruption. From the beginning, they knew that you were going to pay for it.
You Have Been Acquired
   Deu 24:6  No man shall take the nether or the upper millstone to pledge: for he taketh a man’s life to pledge.
   The practice described here has much bearing on the current economic condition in the United States and throughout the world. We shall read for ourselves the consequences of one man pledging another as security for debt. Nations multiply the depth and breadth of the judgment.
 The question in the forefront of debate is, “Why don’t we have any jobs?”  The answer is simple, if we can rise above our education and accept it.  The production capacity of the United States has been pledged as security for debt, to foreign nations and central banks. The gravity of the situation will become obvious.
   At the heart of the matter are the requirements for binding agreement. Those are: Informed Consent, Free Will and Equity. If any of those are missing, the agreement is fraud, or worse. If a man is not given the terms, it is fraud. If he is coerced into agreement, it is extortion. If the exchanged values in the agreement are not of similar value, it is theft or misrepresentation.
   We continue to hear about “Recovery”.  There are many reasons why economic recovery is impossible. The deciding factor is that the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme is draining the life out of our individual activities and our ability to gainfully produce wealth. The end is inevitable. The creditors shall devour the debtors in bankruptcy.
      Our choices determine our destiny. Do we continue in this paper illusion, or do we return to the standards of honest weights and measures? The economy may be a managed Federal benefit, but Prosperity is not. We shall see the consequences of our choice in this matter.
     Deu 24:7  If a man be found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die; and thou shalt put evil away from among you.
    The practices described in verse 7 are standard procedure in the Administrative Law system of the United States. We live in a culture in which people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their benefit. People sway, “All is fair in love and war.” The statement has no support in legitimate moral code. This is why the economy is dying. The corporate structure is a thief. It is dying, just as verse 7 says it will.
     The big question is, do we continue supporting the Federal corporation and it’s accomplice, the Federal Reserve Bank? to do so is to choose to die with it. A much better choice would be to assert our individual State Nationality and return to the government we had before The War of Federal Conquest, concluded in 1867. The choice is literally one of Life and Death.
                                                                Choose Life.

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19 Comments on “You Have Been Acquired”

  1. helvena says:

    A couple of reads you may find interesting:

    • Thank you for the comment and the recommendations. Since I’m at the library most of the time, I’ll look them up.
      I did have the great experience of working in talk radio for 6 years. I encountered many people and books. Over time, you’ll
      see references to “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John
      Perkins and I have the link to the HTML for “The Coming Battle” in several of my blog posts. Basically, many of the people that
      you see and hear in alternative media, I’ve talked with or met.

  2. Sy says:

    Some ultra rich fellow once said, “If it weren’t for religion, the poor would kill the rich.” I’d say if even 50% of the U.S. population actually understood what is really going on, as you describe it so well here, there would be, or would have already been, a nation wide revolution that would make the American Civil war look like an innocent game of Mahjong by comparison. Those in power count on the masses being deceived, deluded and constantly misinformed. They spend huge sums of, ever decreasing in value, fiat money every year to make things appear to be ,”Oh so nice’ in the ‘Land of the free and the home of the Brave.” The ‘Great American Experiment,’ based upon the original u.S. constitution, the Rule of Law, and ultimately upon the Biblical instructions from God Himself, could only succeed if the majority of the American people consistently insisted upon the same things our Founding Fathers laid down for us upon the creation of the united States of America, and not become complacent and lazy, expecting Big Brother to take care of them.
    In effect the Great American Experiment has failed & failed miserably. It merely remains for it to be buried, because it is already dead. This is not because the premise or basis for the country was poor, but because of greed and corruption.

    • The history of the decline is that people get so comfortable in their flag-waving delusion that they pass off transgression with “It’s all good.” The expression is a euphemism for calling evil, good. In fact, the details of the Mystery of Iniquity become institutionalized. Corruption is a deeply ingrained characteristic of modern culture.

    • The history of the decline is that people get so comfortable in their flag-waving delusion that they pass off transgression with “It’s all good.” The expression is a euphemism for calling evil, good. In fact, the details of the Mystery of Iniquity become institutionalized. Corruption is a deeply ingrained characteristic of modern culture.

  3. helvena says:

    Thank you. Yes, I have read Mullin’s THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE which Mullins claims Griffin based his book on. I have seen a video of Perkins, so I’m familiar with his views. A small book I just read by James Petras is THE ARAB REVOLT AND THE IMPERIALIST COUNTERATTACK, it touches on the economics of empire building and maintaining. I’m an Ezra Pound enthusiast, particularly his economic views and so I’m working on trying to understand how economic systems are used to maintain power structures. I’m not at all happy with what is happening to the American middle class and I am learning that it has all happened before to Americans and to other people.

    • Yes, helvena, understanding economics and power structures is a fascinating and never-ending study. I have a different view of Ezra Pound. People remember him as a writer and poet. My favorite Ezra Pound quote comes from the time when he was Dean of Harvard Law School. He was one of the central figures in changing the U.S. legal system into a Global Socialist structure. He said, “I’m sure that we will get quite a good going over for what we are doing”. The backlash to the efforts of his crowd was the McCarthy Era. The important fact to keep in mind is that all adversaries in these economic conflicts are Corporatist. Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler were all components in the same Globalist mess. That era in history had a big influence in writing “War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce”.

  4. helvena says:

    What years were Ezra Weston Loomis Pound suppose to be Dean of Harvard, because I have never come across that before?
    Pound wasn’t a Socialist, but he wasn’t afraid of Socialism or Fascism. He didn’t believe one form of government fits all and therefore different systems were need for different circumstances. I believe Pound has been wrongly demonized because his view doesn’t support the exploitation of capitalism. He like C.K. Chesterton believed “the only thing wrong with capitalist was that there weren’t enough of them”, meaning of course that the money power should not be in the hands of a few but in the hands of many. Pound believed in private property. If you’re interested JEFFERSON AND/OR MUSSOLINI is a short book that will give you a taste of the real Ezra L. Pound.

    I agree with you that Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin are guilty of contributing to the mess we are in. I’m not so sure about Hitler. I tend to see him as more of a Mosaddegh type figure, a person that didn’t play along with European/American financial interests. As you know, Hitler had no problem with capitalism, he just didn’t let speculative capital mingle with productive (mortgages, pension investments etc.) capital. Basically he tried (and succeeded) in kicking out of Germany the people Perkins worked for and for that WWII was launched against him. But if more people view Hitler in that light, our Middleastern wars would be harder to sell 🙂

  5. From my reading over the past 40 years, there were several r3eferences to Pound being at Harvard in the 1930s. That’s where he came under fire for his Communist associations in the academic world. As for Hitler, there is a lot more to the story. He his industrialist buddies were in business throughout the war with such notables as Henry Ford and Prescott Bush. This is why I consider the terms Capitalist and Socialist to be irrelevant. I prefer the term, “Corporatist”. To talk about capital, you have to define everything by6 gold and silver, real money. Fiat currencies lend themselves to any and all ideologies, once everyone is willingly participating in Felony Fraud. It’s the currency that makes the distinctions pointless.

  6. helvena says:

    Pound may have visited Harvard but he was never Dean of Harvard Law School, nor did he ever teach there. He was also not a communist. In fact he understood Lenin and Stalin for what they were, lying, murderous thugs, or at least in charge of lying murderous thugs. Pound drew attention to Stalin’s murder of between 60,000 and 200,000 people (I haven’t found a consensus figure) in the building of his Baltic canals when the Western press ignored them. And Pound was definitely never a business man but he learned all he could about money, what it really is and isn’t.

    Real money is whatever a government says is legal tender. Honest money is that which is back by productivity. Gold and silver are commodities with intrinsic value that are easily changed by supply and because of this its use as money is less then optimal. Periodically gold/silver comes up as a backing for money and the American public gets flimflammed, Bryan’s cross of gold speech was given at on such time.

    • The only statement containing the quote attributed to Pound came from “Global Tyranny: Step By Step”, a book from the John Birch Society. It could be that they had an ax to grind. I’ve asked a lot of questions about Pound’s history. One of my Literature friends is familiar with Pound’s activities only through his associations in the literary world. On the contrary, Pound was a very shrewd and well-connected businessman. He knew how to connect people, get books published, and make a fortune in his lifetime. One story I will have to check out is that the intent after the war was to put Pound on trial for his activities in Italy, during the war. As I’ve been told, he was ruled incompetent to stand trial and spent most of his remaining days in a mental institution.
      On the subject of real money, I very strenuously object and oppose your definition. You have heard the Sirens singing the song of Fractional Banking. This is why I also object to your definition of honest money. Basing currency value on production took us down this slippery slope of accounting manipulation and fraud. Financial destruction is coming. Gold and silver are real money, always will be real money, regardless of what any government or bank says. It is the promotion of substitutes and lying promises that the financial world will be judged.

  7. helvena says:

    Your friend is right that Pound had many connections (He mentored 3 Nobel Prize winners, Hemingway, T.S. Eliot and Wm. Yeast). He was a very generous man with his time, his connections (always ready to promote others) and with what little money he had, he was not a business man in any conventional sense of the word. He was an artist and a thinker. Pound was too big a literary figure, with to much to say that the government felt uncomfortable with, to allow a trial and therefore to call him crazy and put him in St. Elizabeth was a way for the government to avoid the publicity a trail would bring. Pound was accused of treason because of his radio speeches. I’ve read them all and found only an honest man speaking truth to power and the American people. BTW all charges of treason were dropped upon his release from St.Es. He was at St. Es for 13 years after that he went to Italy and lived out his remaining 14 year, ending in 1972.

    Did gold save us from the Great Depression?
    The people that want you to believe there is something magical about gold and silver as currency are the people who have gold and silver to sell.
    Xenophon Zolotas, Greece’s foremost monetary scholar, warned in THE GOLD TRAP AND THE DOLLAR that: “…the financial set up of the world – and thereby its freedom of trade and economic prosperity – has become subservient to the interests of gold speculators and hoarders. As a result more and more experts agree on the necessity for gold to be phased out.” pg. 612 of THE LOST SCIENC OF MONEY

    Not everyone has an interest in Pound, I accept that, but if your friend purports to know something about EP then he should know something about EP and the best way to do that is to read EP, not about EP. Read and judge for yourself.

    • Thank you for filling in the blanks. You are right about the lack of interest in Pound. My friend reiterated that his exposure to EP was secondary in his interest in T.S. Eliot. In that context, his appraisal of EP was that of a non-entity. That is, in the sense that he was at most, a peripheral figure.
      As for the mainstream view of gold as money, these links conform to promoting public disinterest in gold. There is a longstanding ulterior motive in this. It is the central issue in the control of issuance of currency. It is fact that, if you possess gold and silver, you are a bank, independent of the central banks. The powers that be in the financial world start wars over that issue.

  8. helvena says:

    But for Pound we wouldn’t have the Wasteland. Pound edited it and I don’t mean just the spelling. T.S. Eliot looked up to EP, central would be a more apt adjective to discrible Pound’s influence on Eliot. “In October 1922 Eliot published The Waste Land in The Criterion. Eliot’s dedication to il miglior fabbro (“the better craftsman”) refers to Ezra Pound’s significant hand in editing and reshaping the poem from a longer Eliot manuscript to the shortened version that appears in publication…In 1930, Eliot published a book of light verse, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (“Old Possum” was Ezra Pound’s nickname for him).” Wiki. I’m afraid your friend is interested in the pot and not the potter.

    They start wars over any issue that will start a war because as Major Gen. Smedley Butler said, “War is a racket”, and I would add so is gold.
    It’s safe to say we disagree on this issue. Nice speaking with you though.

    • That is true, my friend doesn’t have a direct interest in EP. He did mention in detail the editing of The Wasteland. The racket in precious metals is the ETFs. Paper will never be real money. It is the manipulation in speculation that causes the volatility in both metal and paper. I think
      our disagreement is that I adhere to the Biblical definition of money. That definition is restated and reinforced in Black’s Law Dictionary.

  9. helvena says:

    Sure, the scam has been going on a long time. Jesus knew who the money changers were and what they were up too and they are the same people today.
    I have Black’s (Blue) Law Dictionary 5th edition and it doesn’t say anything about gold and silver, it does say “A medium of exhange authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government as a part of its currency.” The first money the English used were pieces of wood, and wampum comes from the Narragansett word for ‘white shell beads’, that was their money.
    In order to use gold or silver as money or have it back currency, you need enough of it to serve the people’s needs and there just isn’t enough of it. That’s why when a gold standard is introduced prices fall, gold becomes precious because of its scarcity and credit tightens, all of which means the bank loans are paid back with money worth more then the money was worth when the loan was made. Banksters win, we lose.

    You are very right about this: It is the manipulation in speculation that causes the volatility in both metal and paper.
    But you are very wrong about this: Paper will never be real money
    What we need is a stable currency in whatever form it takes and the only real way to get that is with a government that isn’t or can’t be bought off. We appear to be a very long ways away from that.

    • You misunderstood me. I have never written or said that paper could be real money. Paper can only be a certificate redeemable with gold and silver. It is not intrinsically real money. The definition of money in Black’s was changed to protect the guilty. That change is the biggest difference between Black’s 1st and 2nd Editions. I have a link to Black’s 1st, 2nd & 6th Editions in my blog archives. I’ll try to get that posted here, today.

  10. helvena says:

    Is it possible that the 1st. & 2nd edition was written to support what the money power wanted us to believe at that time?
    In 1925 Britain went back on the gold standard and basically robbed India in the way I described above.
    A debtor should be able to pay a loan back with money that is worth as much as when the loan was taken out, not with money that is worth more. By returning to the gold standard all those with outstanding debt with be forced to pay more in real terms then they contracted for. The gold standard is part of the shell game the Banks play. The intrinsic value of gold lends itself to speculation because it is first and foremost a commodity.
    I think we are not going to agree on this 🙂

  11. Actually, we do agree that gold can be manipulated. The fact that it can be done is not justification for the practice. The inconsistency, the on-again, off-again” gold standard is the reason that the banks are unstable in all their ways. If there were no eternal consequence for their fraud, gold would be just a commodity. Some issues are not settled in this world.

    . Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    Gal 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
    Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not

    With the central banks working the Bait-and-Switch and the Shell Game with their manipulations, they bring a curse upon themselves. They sow fraud and shall reap poverty and destruction. Dishonest weights and measures are an abomination and brings certain judgment. It is recorded that Israel was brought so low for this very practice that women cooked and ate their children. Homeland Security has prepared plans to deal with cannibalism in the major cities. U.S. citizens, by their participation in this abomination are facing certain judgment.Only by severing ties with this corporate oligarchy can they escape the destruction. If events continue on their present course, there will be 100 million displaced and disenfranchised people in this country. The banks won’t escape. Events will run their course, and the banks will certainly collapse. Gold calls paper to judgment, every time.

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