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Our Center News Page

     We see the news, every day. We see banks defaulting on their obligations, in cycles of paper boom and debt bust. Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain are on the edge of going out of business. Unemployment and inflation are squeezing people everywhere, out of the economy. There are growing numbers of homeless people, living on the edge. Under the developing conditions, we can only see the spread of poverty.                                                                                                                

   The shelters and subsidy programs do what they can. In many cases, it is volunteers that keep programs afloat. I know many people who will be out in the street, if they can’t get the rent together, in the next two weeks. That isn’t a certainty. Most of them are under-employed day laborers. With the situation obviously not getting better, the importance of  facilities like the OUR Center become greater.  I would hope that there are more such programs, around the country. My city is very fortunate to have this community effort. The news page for the center is at this link:                                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you for reading. I hope that this post inspires similar efforts in your community.      


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