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The Squeeze

In this world that is ruled by the love of money, it is the driving force in human nature that seeks control and ownership of other human beings. In times of crisis, there are people that seek to make other people extensions of themselves. This creates the economic process that I call …..

The Squeeze

     I don’t think that I need to belabor the point that most people are being squeezed out of the economy. There is a very understandable reason for that. The central banks of the world are n the wealth transfer business. It’s a simple process. The banks get property, land and resources. The indebted people get worthless paper. What most people don’t understand is how they are disposed of when the process is complete.
     With most people being monetized and harvested in these dark times, we would do well to study history. Then, we would know that desperate people make rash decisions and do desperate things.
     If you’ve seen the email that gets around, titled “How To Catch Wild Hogs”, then you know how easy it is for animals to be lured into a trap with “free” food. Human Nature can be just as predictable. We shall see how that works in ………
The Trap

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