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Sustainable Bankruptcy


We’ve watched the Federal Reserve Bait-&-Switch for 98 years. Are people tired of the lies and the wars? I’m sure they are. The question is, whether or not they will get used to prison. That’s what happens when people are monetized and harvested to pay for debt, traded for debt. Perhaps this will suggest other options …..


 Sustainable Bankruptcy

      When the rules of the game are different than they were explained to you, it should be no surprise when you lose. When the rules are changed in the middle of the game, without your knowledge or consent, that is the crime of Fraud. Such is the Federal Reserve system. Originally, Federal Reserve Notes were redeemable in gold and silver coin. That5 quickly changed to a pure debt system. That is how the Bait-And-Switch works.
     Let’s take a look at what history says this means. In 1933, our U. S. Treasury issue gold coins were confiscated by threat of force, then sold to foreign central banks. This was the end of the connection between the paper currency and real money. The consequences for today’s economy are staggering. Before the total debt could be retired, there would be no currency in circulation. Think about that for a moment. No currency means no commercial activity. People would say that there would always be a medium of exchange. While that is true, it is also true that the central banks control the exchange rate in every devaluation of a currency. They win. You lose. It’s as simple as that. 
     Real things are real money. The paper is only paper. For the moment, businesses give real things in exchange for the paper currency. That hasn’t always been so, and it is not a guaranteed standard in the future. We can’t say that the government is good for it. The government is indebted to the Federal Reserve Bank.   The government says that U. S. citizens will repay the debt, not the government. We are now watching the assets of the Federal corporation being sold off to pay the debt. That can include U. S. citizens, themselves. Debtors prisons are just around the corner. 






One Comment on “Sustainable Bankruptcy”

  1. My writing isn’t neutral. I can’t stop people from shooting the messenger. A request was made by the core members of a LinkedIn group for my removal from the group. Because history and it’s lessons speak to the fears of people as a warning, common sense should persuade people to heed those warnings. Instead, people move to blot out the warning and ignore it. Nevertheless, I write what needs to be written. My obligation to conscience is met. Let those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, heed the warnings and escape the coming events.

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