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Purchasing Power Limits

Purchasing Power Limits


We all should have been smart enough to see this, early in our working lives. There is a real, functional difference between legal tender and lawful money: purchasing power.


The question is, who controls purchasing power? The illustration goes far beyond a dry accounting of history. No paper fiat currency has ever maintained purchasing power. It is the issuer of currency that controls it’s use, effectively controlling purchasing power. The holder of the currency only has purchasing power as an agent of the issuer.We must search for logic and sanity in the daily role of perception of money. It is in the exchange between merchant and consumer that the reality of tangible value is separated from the slag of fantasy. Wealth can not be hidden in a mountain of paper, in the fiery environment of the marketplace.

Anyone who has ever had a credit card declined knows that moment of panic. The circumstance is made all the more bizarre by the fact that the refusal is made by corporations that are more insolvent than the card user. The entire loop of transaction is entirely in loaned debt. So it is with the newly unemployed. In their case, they personally have been declined and invalidated. There purchasing power is obviously in other hands. Purchasing power is held and manipulated by the issuing authority. In this case, the Federal Reserve holds the only part of an individual that counts in the economy: the balance sheet. From the Federal Reserve’s perspective, “cradle to grave” means from the time the currency is borrowed into circulation to the time it is destroyed, devalued or replaced. It has the same relationship to money that an animated cartoon has to a documentary film. Even then, with the developments in digital animation and special effects, most people have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. Some don’t particularly care. They’re just along for the thrill of the ride.

the 401(k) ride was a thrill, as long as it lasted. Here again, we see arbitrary control of purchasing power. When you here the stories of those who are nearing retirement and are suddenly impoverished, it’s way too late to come up with Plan B. People who invested in real money instead of Wall St. and “emergingmarkets” sleep much better than their paper counterparts. Unfortunately, most people, including myself, missed the turn away from the fraud economy by at least 3 decades. This would have been much easier to deal with, in 1975. The real gambling addiction is to the Federal Reserve note, not the glitter of the gambling meccas. Being tapped out in the Federal Reserve’s house will carry consequences that outlive generations. Unless an effective shift toward a more independent market system is made, people will be held prisoner by consent of their neighbors. As we have seen in the growth of the Socialist administrative “law” system since 1960, the most vulnerable assets are pillaged to benefit the vote – buying entitlement programs. The record of those programs lagging behind the funding curve is only a symptom of the hunger for power in the corporate structure of the United States.

Great insight into the future isn’t required to read the logical outcome of each day’s headlines. In the most significant areas of the domestic economy, we see nothing short of Soviet central micro – management. From the government takeover of the banking, auto and housing industries, we see the nationalization that has built openly Marxist dictatorships in Third World countries. Clearly, the United States has such a despot in the White House, right now. The dictatorial pronouncements come almost daily from this administration. Not only have the voters chosen a man of questionable origin and character, the majority clamors for acceptance of their abdication of individual independence. History records that their surrender will be quickly accepted. This always happens when a nation abandons self – rule in favor of corporate management by slave traders.

People have repeatedly ignored warnings of property seizures without compensation, in an “emergency’. We live in an extremely naive and short – sighted country. The invasions of privacy and Federal militarization of law enforcement have produced a level of warrant-less surveillance that would never have been tolerated, even 20 years ago. Now that U. S. citizens have been dragged into mandatory community service, there is no longer any pretense of representation. Politicians say that they are public servants. Who are they serving the public to?

With the way that people, proud to be “constituents”, are traded as political currency, we have to ask if the Cold War policy of Mutually Assured Destruction has carried over into the global economic crisis. The way that people and industries are sacrificed for international agendas is an affront to both human dignity and American self – respect. In the past 100 years, we have seen a shift away from the individuality that was the hallmark of Americanism. Quite simply, honest money kept us honest. Under the influence of the Federal Reserve, fraud and speculation went out of control. The public was mesmerized into acquiescence to corporate manipulation. The media whipped the public into a frenzy and people dove headfirst, into the causes favored by the corporate structure. literally, the public does not know anything until mainstream media tells them what they know. The evidence is clear and convicting. Every government program in the last century has cost this nation priceless principles that won’t be regained until the Corporatist damage has been undone. That would begin with phasing out the Federal Reserve system. There was a time when every individual was the repository of wealth, talent and opportunity. Ownership meant personal rule over possessions. We can not restore that liberty until no one pays tribute to any corporation and it’s standing army. We were warned, many times, about the influence of private agendas in public issues. We have been turned upside down. The U. S. military now serves the private agenda of the central banks. As it has come to pass, what was good for General Motors during the 1960s is not good for America. That policy has painted America as a predator and destroyer. There is nothing about defending this country in being a mercenary for the multi – national corporations, including the United Nations. The military structure has become the modern day Hessians. Only the scenery and uniforms have changed.

The unease felt in this economic crisis was sent out from the board rooms of the central banks. We now find the seeds of debt sprouting on our doorsteps. We have seen restrictions on the ability of individuals to buy and sell. We only think that we hold control of purchasing power. The options of barter, parity in trade of goods and services and independence from the Federal Reserve system are indispensable if we are to regain our liberty.

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“The Late, Great USA: …..” by Dr. Jerome R. Corsi

“Spychips” by Katherine Albrecht & Liz McIntyre

These books are tremendous resources in understanding why things are the way they are, and in finding ways to deal with those conditions. 


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