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Abysmal In The Abyss

In a crisis, everyone does something, even if it’s wrong. There is a lot wrong with the consumption mentality of the social structure in the U.S. As we are seeing with the inflation that is so obvious that no one really believes the economic reports from the media, people are making hard choices. They don’t want to have to choose between enough food to eat or rent to avoid being homeless. Yet, that is reality. Ignoring reality makes people …….

Abysmal In The Abyss
     We have seen what it means when the bottom falls out. Whether in the many bank panics in the world, the crashes in investment markets, or the boom and bust cycles of inflation and deflation, the common people lose.
At the bottom of a currency collapse is misery and hardship. For the present generation to pay for the excesses of their ancestors may not be fair. The fact is that private banks have never been fair and open in their dealings. They lure people in and harvest them, without mercy. The next step down in the managed currency collapse will be every bit as severe as the last one. Runaway printing of currency leads to runaway inflation. Escaping the suffering starts with sincere prayer, follows through long term storage of critical supplies such as water and food, and is completed in the will to live. We must seek the way out of this mess. Only our Creator can show us escape to His refuge.

One Comment on “Abysmal In The Abyss”

  1. what can i say?…

    Fanatastic post! Makes me change my embargo on commenting…

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