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War Of The Money Worlds

War Of The Money Worlds

   On Wednesdays, these old friends get together for a long lunch, concluded in spirited conversation. They are all too busy for the friendly competition of their youth. They don’t have time for pick-up ballgames and board games. They do enjoy their time together on Wednesdays. Let’s listen in on the conversation, as Paper, Metal, Stuff and Imagination verbally spar with each other.

    Paper: “Well gentleman, I’m very well positioned for the recovery.”

Metal: “We’ll just have to see what will be. The downside of speculation is bankruptcy.”

Stuff: “We wouldn’t be talking about this if all commodities were indexed together in a parity system. All of this confusion in people trying to get over on somebody is sickening. It’s just plain predatory.”

Imagination: “Now, my friends, we shouldn’t be carping over what is wrong with everything. We have to have the vision of what can be.”

The consensus response, as this conversation has played out, so many Wednesdays before, is more of the same. Everyone wants to know what Imagination has in mind. Of course, they can’t keep up with Imagination’s vision. No evidence presented in opposition to their self-centered minds can move them. They see only what they might lose in reconsidering their positions. The conversation continues.

Paper: “Life would be much easier if the Federal Reserve would just print more money.”

Metal: “That’s the problem, to begin with. Paper is not money. You’re invested in emerging markets. You know what happens when other countries tell you that your “money” is no good. They don’t want it, and they talk about dumping “dollar” denominated notes on the open market.”

Stuff: “You’re narrow minded, Metal. The currency is only a minor problem. The big problem is the terms of exchange issue. We need to elect the right people to manage Commerce.”

Imagination: “This is where you all get off in the weeds with these political arguments. Commercial problems require commercial solutions.” Somebody always gets left out of the loop in your reasoning. You get caught in the same old closed loop, every time.”

Stuff: “Hold on a minute! I’ve been trying to get you guys to see the wisdom of parity pricing for as long as we’ve all been trying to make our way in the world. You’re all trapped in your own little worlds, with your games and schemes. Don’t you get tired of losing? When are you going to realize that there are standards to be met, that you have no control over?”

Paper: ‘We’ve been through this, before. Investment and industry have built the greatest economic system in the history of the world. It is a tower of hope and a beacon of prosperity to the whole world.”

Metal: “Now, there’s a stirring speech! The audacity of fraud. To call an empire built on lies and worthless paper great is the very depths of human rebellion. Don’t you read the Bible? Don’t you know that the Bible says that a wise man knows the end of all things? It doesn’t take very much wisdom to understand plain English. The end of your wonderful construction is destruction. Yet, you keep piling on the debt. When the books get balanced, you won’t be doing the accounting. You’ll all be caught with your hands in the cookie jar and your heads in the toilet.”

Imagination: “You get too hyper, Metal. All of that old stuff you come up with doesn’t work, anymore. The world has changed since that book was written. We’re not simpleminded dirt peasants, anymore. Get with the program. This world runs on modern standards, now.”

Stuff: “You play the same old tune, over and over. You need to outgrow yourself, Imagination. You’re a genius in your own mind. You need to come out of your dream world and get real.”

Imagination: “Here we go again. You guys are the ones in a dream world. Let me ask you this: If everyone is participating in the same crime, and no one presents themselves as an injured party, making claim for recovery of damages, is there a crime?”

The Group in unison: “No, of course not! Everyone is consenting to the terms of the deal.”

Metal: “Every one? Did anyone ask God about this?”

Paper: “There you go again, with that God stuff. If God wants anything to say about it, He can just come on down here and do something about it!”

Metal: “As it is written, everything shall come to pass in it’s appointed time. In due time, gentlemen. In due time.”

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