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The Charge Of The Carpetbaggers

The Charge Of The Carpetbaggers                                                                                

     Carpetbaggers were agents of the Federal corporation, after the War of Federal Conquest, in 1867. Since debt is a hunger that is never satisfied, we are still in a headlong rush down the mountain of debt. Like locusts devouring every crop in their path, so agents have been sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance.      Before we settle in with drinks and snacks for the thrilling story of the desperate Charge of the Carpetbaggers into the Valley of Debt, a short history lesson is in order.      In 1860, the first Marxist president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln began the military conquest of the States. Since he and Karl Marx were pen-pals and mutual admirers, we saw many of the tactics that were later applied in the Bolshevik revolution. Lincoln closed 200 newspapers and jailed their editors. He sent Federal troops to drag a Congressman from Ohio out of bed, in the middle of the night, and deported him from the country. Since the Federal corporation is the occupation force for the central banks, the conquest was completed and agents were sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance. They were called “Carpetbaggers”, so named because they traveled light, carrying bags that appeared to be made from carpet material. Henceforth, the Federal corporation claimed right of conquest over all that was within it’s reach. Now, settle in for the paper war that is “The Charge of the Carpetbaggers”. In this economic war, the supply of possessions has been exhausted. When the Carpetbaggers ran out of property to steal, a new scam had to be utilized to deprive people of Liberty, Property and Privacy. Enter the Bait-And Switch Ponzi scheme, the Federal Reserve system. Over a period of 96 years, a system completely divorced from real money now closes the gate of the stockyards. The livestock have been rounded up. The mounting debt to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat is killing economic activity. The only frontier left is the human body. The only new industry left to expand is the processing, marketing and distribution of people, their body parts and genetic material. The charge into the Valley of Debt demands the monetization and numerical identification of every human being. “Human Resources” are now war materiel in the Ponzi Fiat Paper Debt War. In this morning’s business news, the trade situation with China is in the news. Watch and learn. This is how debt is used as a weapon.

Of course, we still have the healthcare reform debate on the front burner. Both sides play the guilt trip game on each other, but they will both lose. They are just different, opposing factions of Carpetbaggers. Their tactics and motives are similar. They all have the people skills of bean counters. Their priorities are completely mercenary and predatory. Shooting each other in the foot comes out the same way as shooting themselves in the foot.

Let’s establish something concrete, right here. The healthcare reform debate has nothing to do with anyone’s health. If it did, we wouldn’t be relying on synthetic patent medicines that corporations make big money from. If it had anything to do with health, we wouldn’t be paying any attention to anything that comes out of The Centers for Disease Creation and Promotion. The healthcare reform debate is about managing people to the maximum benefit of the corporate structure, before they are allowed to die. If there is another dime of profit in your sorry carcass, the bean counters will find it.

There is hope for us, yet. The rebellion that created the Public/Private Partnership, the New Age polite term for NATIONAL SOCIALISM, will crash and burn, as it did in Germany and Italy. there isn’t enough room in Barter Town for Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance, Labor and Medical services logistics to maneuver in their feeding frenzy. With the regulatory structure for rent to the the most well- heeled lobbyists, the pimps in Washington, D. C. have plenty of street ready talent to work with. This is what happens in a culture that monetizes people. Corporatism is the Devil’s Whorehouse. In this fight for control of the medical neighborhood, 5 will go in, 1 giant totalitarian monster comes out. This will be the engine of destruction for the subjugation of humanity that Hitler tried to build. The Nazis didn’t lose WWII. They just had to move and set up shop in the corporate United States. The culling of the herd begins with Universal Healthcare. Employment and access to activity will be regulated by Insurability. If you are not cost effective, you will be removed from taking up space among the living. RFID tracking and identification will be a central component of efficient management of you, the “resource”. Hitler loved efficiency.

This doesn’t have to be. We were warned. The wise have ears to hear. The foolish are deaf in their comfort. Call upon the Name of the Living God, Yeshua, the Lamb of God, if you want to live. He is the Way out of this minefield.

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