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Purpose Driven Defects: Conclusion

Purpose Driven Defects


08/01/2011  – With the debt ceiling screenplay at a turning point in the wealth transfer system, the real fun begins. Continuing this perverse charade of manipulating the promises of politician only postpones the certain end of the currency. Nations are divesting themselves of U. S. Treasury debt. The music is about to stop, the population won’t have a chair to sit in, and Emperor Ponzi will be walking around naked. The shame will be exposed. We will go back to talking about the resilience of the American people.

The lie that is constantly presented as legitimate authority is that the paper currency is money. People have always said that bthe currency is all we have. This will test the lie. If the currency is all that we have, then we have nothing.


I just had a fleeting thought. The scene opens with me putting on my coat as I walk across a room, on my way out the door. At a table are 4 people, playing Monopoly. As I pass by, one of the players reaches in the “bank” and pulls out “$?”500. He says, as he hands it to me, “Get yourself something to eat.” I recover my composure in this surreal scene, smile and nod a thank you, and leave. I stop at a convenience store for coffee and a snack. When I get to the counter, I reach into my pocket and accidentally pull out the “$?”500. The clerk’s eyes widen and he says, “I’m sorry, Sir. We don’t accept bills larger than “$?”100. I’m afraid to find out how insane this scene is. I look, anyway. The coffee is “$?”22. The sandwich is “$?”48. I give up. I don’t know if this train of thought has an end. In the current distortion of reality, that is exactly how the global economy works. Apparently, people want this nightmare. In the end, it won’t matter how successful anyone is, in loaning and borrowing debt.

The question, “To what purpose?” repeatedly arises because conscience is supposed to be an uncomfortable companion.That is because we were never intended to be comfortable with iniquity. 6,000 years of no-win situations is tiring. We just want the trouble to go away, long enough to find rest. Some choose to stand and fight. Some choose to move to an attractive alternative. Some just walk down the road without looking back. The choices may appear to be steps sideways, but if the journey changes us for the better, it is worth the trip. We all bring our defects with us, but we all tire of carrying most of them. When our immediate environment goes haywire, we hope that the tools and expertise are their to repair the situation. They do, but we are told that more of the same repairs will fix everything. The purpose behind what we see must be very different from what we had in mind.

That purpose has obviously taken a turn toward a rejection of life. Some believe that the world would be a better place if people in other countries were never born. Some believe that the world would be better under corporate management administering the agenda of the private banks.Jacques Cousteau believed that, “for Earth to survive as a planet, 350,000 people must die, by whatever means necessary.”. Those Eugenics people must still be around, trying to build the Master Race. If we forget the madness of the 20th century, we will repeat it.

Perhaps my indignation arises because I’ve never been comfortable with organizational structures. I would rather believe that Socialism aggravates an already dangerous situation. Things happen today as standard procedure that would have landed people in prison, 50 years ago. It all depends on what the meanings of the words “right” and “wrong” are. Before anyone gets philosophical, God doesn’t make concessions to prevailing community standards. Excuse from consequence is not a perk of government license or political affiliation.

The hard question is, “Do we understand what we want?” . Do we want a simpler, quieter life? Do we want to get out from under the microscope of urban, warrantless surveillance? In short, do we want a less invaded and dictated life? Retracing historical steps isn’t always pleasant. Retracing 5 generations of cultural and educational bias requires unlearning Corporatist propaganda, taught in the public school indoctrination centers. The question is, “What do we have the stomach for?” Returning to a real money economy is apparently more than the moneychangers and counterfeiters have the stomach for. Returning to the time before the Federal corporation conquered the States is more than the Federal corporation has the stomach for. Wanting anything too much forces us into choices that we know are wrong. Expecting Divine intervention to stop the things we have set in motion may be going to the well, once too often.

     Having reached 2011 with surprisingly few life – threatening injuries to the Federal funny money and this ersatz economy, we now see the avarice and greed coming right out in the open. The stories that come out of the development og Light Rail on the Front Range of Colorado is a real stageplay of grotesque caricatures and characters. Throw $36.5 Billion in the middle of I- 25 and turn them loose. We’ve seen all manner of political gravy trainers, bankers, foundations, Hustlers, Land Pimps. Mortgage Sharks and assorted public luminaries dive into the pile. It is cheap entertainment, performed by shamelessly bought and kept players, all at the taxpayers expense.  I do enjoy watching the News outlets present this farce as real news.

Purpose Driven Defects: Hidden Players

Purpose Driven Defects: Hidden Players

Purpose Driven Defects
Hidden Players
This is an interesting scenario. I wish this were the only variation on this theme. Then, someone could tell me that the world isn’t as crooked as I say it is. The heart of man is deceitfully wicked, above all things. Played out many times in the last 30 years, any legal conflicts never exposed all of the parties involved, in the same litigation. One hand is literally clueless to the existence of the other. Documentary separation precludes both hands being caught in the cookie jar, at the same time.
At the top of this food chain is a bank trustee to sign off on everything. Next, there is at least one loan officer, to make the paperwork look good. Rounding out this cabal is a real estate broker, an insurance broker and 4 to 6 investors. Just to illustrate the financial clout in one of these arrangements, if the buy-in to the group is $50,000, that’s a total of as much as $450,000 in seed money. Once the consortium is rooted and established, it could be collecting 2% interest on as much as $6 million in mortgages. Let’s take a look at the possibilities.
Scenario #1 A mortgage applicant walks into the bank and sits down with the loan officer. He doesn’t have the required 20 % down payment. Yes, I know that a lot of creative financing has gone under the bridge since those days, but that is exactly the practices under discussion here. The loan officer looks over the application. He sees the negative against approval by the bank and says, “No problem! “We” can get you financed.” The applicant is sent to the real estate broker. An agreement is written, containing 2% more interest that the holding/funding company can get on a mortgage. One important point must be made, here. In many instances, the funding source is not presenting itself or acting as a lending institution. It isn’t until there is a legal conflict that people discover that they only thought they had a “mortgage” with the “bank”. In reality, the funding company jumped the applicant on the sale, then made agreementon a private sale by owner, with private terms. The fuinding company bought the property, and the applicant helped make the down payment. Technically, the applicant doesn’t own the property until the terms are satisfied. There is a closing, but it isn’t as the applicant believes. He’s in the property , under license.
As an example, if the sale price is 150,000, the applicant gets a much more expensive deal than the den of thieves. He has 20,000 down and a financed amount of $130,000. The cabal $30,000 down, a financed amount of $120,000 and an interest rate 2% lower than the applicant. Over time, the payoff amounts widen and it’s a winner for the funding company. In some cases, the money people had lines of credit equal to their investment. Effectively, they risked nothing. I’m sure you’re aware of all of the self help real estate books and videos about using “Other Peoples’ Money”. This is one opf those brilliant ideas.
Scenario #2 In this scenario, the fun is just beginning. After 5 years, either the funding source or the original applicant finds a buyer for the property at $200,000.
There are enough carrots dangling here, to make everyone happy. The applicant is offered his equity and appreciation, plus a $20,000 “commission”, if the funding company writes the new agreement. There’s nothing like bringing unwitting and unaware in to do their bidding. However the chips fall, the funding company makes a lot of money, especially if the original applicant “buys” another property, through them. In a rising market, it has proven to be easy to do, with no disruptions to risk exposure in litigation.
Scenario #3 This one is everyone’s nightmare. A declining market, growing numbers of defaults, and uncertainty about the future begin to wear on the money machine. The negative cash flow runs back up the pipeline in a shockwave. Capital sources dry up. Banks fail. Holding a lot of inventory that isn’t producing income puts a business, out of business.That should explain ehy the only word thast people want to hear is “recovery”. When the wheels fall off of the currency everyone loses except the Federal Reserve. The system acquired the assets for the printing costs.
All of the details in these scenarios don’t exactly fit any single individual or institution. The pattern however, is much deeper and ingrained in the United States. If people learn how things work, it’s because the Federal Reserve taught them. Once people learn how to create “money” out of thin air by terms of sale and the wiggle room in fractional banking, unwary people are ripe for the plucking. No one runs the Bait-and-Switch better than the Federal Reserve. They built the cracks that are the reason the “owner” of a property can be officially listed as “occupant”. In the illusion of the Federal Reserve world, no one owns anything and everything is under central Fascist management. As strange and dangerous as this Brave New World is, people still want to be good, loyal little Corporatists. When their turn comes to take one for the team, the newest version of Der Feuhrer will say nice things about them after they’ve gone conquering for the Homeland. They went too far too back out. Now, they just hope for the best, and legally support the worst.
“People stand silent in the presence of corruption, to fall back in the small comfort of passionate defense of virtue they should have displayed, before the fact.”

Purpose Driven Defects: Position of Trust, Predator’s Lair

Position of Trust, Predator’s Lair

This scenario illustrates a structure that harvests a most vulnerable group, the elderly. By the nature of their circumstances, they can get harvested by the most respected members of a community.

In this scenario, a District Court judge, a real estate broker and and an attorney devised a scheme to acquire property for pennies on the dollar. The victims, all elderly, in nursing homes and without interested family members, were left vulnerable to someone they trusted. The victims were longtime clients of the judge, also a well established attorney in the community. With the families too busy or to far away to actively participate in daily affairs, it was a simple matter for the judge to be named Conservator.

When the time came to liquidate the victims’ property, a quick, private sale went through the system, unnoticed. Since family wouldn’t receive any proceeds from the sale, they weren’t interested. They were happy that the medical bills were paid and there were no issues to resolve.

One property in this scenario was typical. The owners were in a facility about an hour’s drive away. Family lived in other parts of the country. The property was a large house on 2/3 acre of land, 4 or 5 blocks from downtown. If I remember correctly, the assessed value was $158,000. This group acquired the property for $14,300. That wasn’t the only one. Rumors suggested that they owned as many as 43 properties, acquired in this manner.

You just can’t trust some people, especially when you are unable to defend yourself. There are always people in place, ready and waiting for you. The best defense is to have as many real friends and family, who genuinely care about you. I’m sure that there are better arrangements that families can make, well ahead of time. The bonus is that life can be much more pleasant and in good company.

“People stand silent in the presence of corruption, to fall back in the small comfort of passionate defense of virtue they should have displayed, before the fact.”

Purpose Driven Defects: Introduction

Purpose Driven Defects
     The common response to the truth is skepticism. That’s only fair, because a statement isn’t truth until it is tested and cross-checked.

Unnatural Law: Introduction

                                                                Unnatural Law



     This article will describe, in general terms, the history of each section title. For further study and investigation, better books have been written, compiled and edited by people with far more expertise, experience, research and professional background than myself. If anyone is encouraged to further study, this article will have served it’s purpose.

Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity 7/13/2011

                                   Separation of Bureaucracy and Humanity

                                                                 July 13th, 2011

   The contrast between Bureaucracy and Humanity isn’t always obvious, but when it is, it seems to jump out at us. In public situations the difference jumps out at us and we recognize that something is very wrong. It feels like we are flying an airplane and the controls suddenly start working backwards.

Read the rest of this entry »

What Have We Learned?

                    What Have We Learned?

Since there doesn’t seem to be very much Biblical understanding in the news these days, I observe that this corporate legal trust mentality in the United States hasn’t learned very much. Of course, it is a legally dead thing, so we can’t expect it to understand life. We should have no such hindrances. At least we have the option of choosing life.

     I just skimmed through the news of the day, and it isn’t pretty.  This how Federal benefit programs have always worked.

      Accountability and transparency are words that don’t mean anything within the corporate context. In the 1970s, I wondered how bureaucrats found the time to line their own pockets, after taking care of their friends and political supporters.

     The answer is simple. There are Federal benefit programs to take care of all of it. In the final analysis, we have learned corruption is an act of Congress.

     We have learned that the paper economy doesn’t work anything like the way that people expect it to. In September of 2007, I said that the emergency measures wouldn’t work at all, because there is no substance in them. If wealth is power, the economic engine needs to produce more wealth, to make power. Unfortunately, the wealth creation components, the moving parts of the economy, no longer perform to their original design standards. For the last 96 years, the Federal Reserve has been greasing the palms.

     It seems that their wasn’t any left over to lubricate the friction points of the economy. Pouring more debt down the throat of the economic engine won’t produce any more power. Debt is corrosive and abrasive. Sand in the crankcase and sulfuric acid in the fuel tank will produce seizure and sudden catastrophic failure.

     We learned from the news, that the F.D.I.C. is requiring banks to prepay “$?”36 Billion in fees. That’s a polite way of saying that things are getting tight and they have to call in markers. We learned what margin calls did for Wall St. in 1929. Today, we watch the financial structure hit the brakes and tighten belts. The people who are playing the debt game the hardest could be the biggest losers. Remember, we have seen the tension and warnings of previous Congressional budget debates. We have learned that the losers become financial refugees. If we are to respond properly, we must exhibit what we have learned. Those who clamor for more debt to save their own hides will be setting themselves up to be collected, monetized and harvested. The Unholy Trinity of the Federal Reserve, the U. S. Treasury and the Cabal of Czars that no one voted for, will scoop up the public and feed people to the Wealth Transfer Machine. 

Sink, Swim Or Learn To Dance On Water

Sink, Swim Or Learn To Dance On Water

     In the course of public discourse, every current event comes back to the basic question:
“To what purpose?”.
    It is the basic human need for meaning and validity in life that brings us to a personal accounting. Our purpose lies beyond our own lifetime and our duty comes from long before it.
     When we take inventory of our assets in the world, do we ever consider who or what we have given ourselves to? Loyalty is a fine trait to exhibit. Misplaced loyalty makes an individual expended ordnance in ideological wars. The process is always the same. There will always be those who believe that the world will be a better place, after your wealth is redistributed and your labor is reassigned. Since we have conclusive proof that no man can be trusted to represent the interests of another, our only choice is to represent ourselves. Whatever dreams U. S. citizens hold, they can forget them. They stand in line, waiting for “their” dole from the public treasury. We have so declined as a society that we are now dependent on distant commercial interests for our livelihoods, income and stability. The question that I began asking, 40 years ago is still relevant.
     “Have you considered how much better off you would be, if the Federal government never got it’s hands on your money, in the first place?”
     In fact, subsequent questions on the subject challenge us to recover the independence and American backbone that previous generations lost. The oppression inflicted on us today originally brought us to an understanding of the founding principles of the United States of America. In the history of this country, we were crippled by private banks, bringing us under the slavery of corporatism. With every opportunity of crisis, people were shoved off the land,and herded into holding pens, called cities. It was an evil trap that was sprung. The temptation to leave the honorable activity of producing our needs from the land that God gave us, with our own hands and labor, in favor of the commercial marketplace, left us at the mercy of commercial predators in the Federal Reserve system. Their willing accomplices in Washington, D. C. have been very well compensated for their betrayal of the public trust. Yet, the nation continues to support this duplicitous and and treacherous enterprise in moral, legal and financial terms. This meek surrender to the consolidation of power in the operational structure of Corporatism, within the ideological environment of Globalism, is changing this nation beyond recognition. In the immediate future, a legislature obsessed with controlling more revenue will fall in line with changing the law of the land into rulings of “an extra-legal experience”. The recently expressed objective for the next Supreme Court justice should be warning enough. The Supreme Court has already based previous decisions on International law. The claim that this has been a nation of the People, by the People and for the People has been a lie for a very long time. First, it is very difficult to find any People.
     In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled that, presumably there were no People, in the legal definition sense of the word. Now, most citizens are “human resources”, in the inventory of the Federal “government”. I quote the word because only a legitimate government has legitimate authority. This bastard corporation, in rebellion against the Constitution of the United States of America, has committed acts of war against the free People of this nation. In 1867, in the Preamble to the Congressional Record, Congress claimed conquest over the States. That is an act of war. The organization we are threatened by now, hindered only by the consequences of it’s own fraud and theft, depends on “New Deals” and “Contracts With America” to sweep it’s transgressions under the rug. In the commercial exchanges of the recent past, we have had Czars that no one voted for, formulating, implementing and enforcing public policy. We are accustomed to comfort and license in the context of an Eastern European mentality.
     There are no toll-free numbers in Hell. Paper burns. Reality brings fantasy to judgment. All we truly possess is the life that God created and the conscience to remind and motivate us to do right. I suggest that we listen closely, and learn.

It is fascinating to watch the public relations campaign waged by the Federal Reserve. Do not be deceived. This is an economic war. In September of 2007, I said that the bailout plan would not work, because there is no substance in it. There has never been a “new” bailout plan. This is the same plan that has collapsed every paper economy in history. I can only repeat myself, here. People will not believe the truth of history until someone they trust, takes everything they have, leaving them homeless beggars on the street.
It is evidence of Federal Reserve marketing skills that people left the keys on the kitchen counter, walked out for the last time, and blamed themselves for their financial demise, in the mortgage collapse. Granted, poor financial decisions produce bad financial consequences. The only guilt those people have is in believing lies they received from presumably trustworthy people. That’s a common trait in human nature, to believe lies that feel better than the truth. Falling victim to the best executed scam since the toilet paper shortage caught people shortsighted and naive. We have to question whether we have any sound judgment with which to defend ourselves.

Taking stock of our circumstances is not encouraging. We have degenerated into a nation of little, warring factions, all struggling for dominance within the corporate structure. It is what Michael Corbin of “A Closer Look” called “the Balkanization of America”. The social structure is now the domain of countless Third World style warlords in the streets. Speeches from the clowns in the Big Top that is Washington, D. C., won’t change any condition in the real world. People who have no experience in producing anything with their own hands are not qualified to speak about the real economy. For one thing, there has been no “real economy” in the history of the Federal Reserve. the closest facsimile was parity pricing in agriculture. Of course, that got in the way of the Federal Reserve debt game. The history of the war against landowner rights and the family farm is a blueprint for the slavery that is coming to the cities. The noose is tightening. The demographics have become increasingly urban, since the Great Depression. We have gone past the point of more people working in government, than not. All economic activity is being brought into dependency on direct regulation or subjugation by subsidy. The chilling fact is that more people demand such conditions, than resist them.

What are our options? The dangers of Corporatism are clearly stated and published, common knowledge in public conversation. Everyone is expendable and disposable. Job performance is no longer a measure of security. No aspect of the commercial infrastructure is safe. We have seen production and distribution systems tested by contamination and disease threats. The most basic option available to us is in the local relationships that we have and can build on. The need for locally produced supplies is obvious. It would be a return to the days before national chain supermarkets and uncertain supplies.

I would be more encouraged by local community decisions if local governments were not so hooked on the Federal handout. The addiction of the general populace to the Federal Reserve paper cocaine makes this so. Until we break this death spiral of dependency and emergency measures, life will continue to become more insecure and restrictive. The examples of emergency actions and civil strife should never even be considered an option, here in the United States.

We really should consider the protections inherent in our local relationships. The horror stories of past economic collapses in other countries should never be part of our experience. Our neighbors are worth every bit as much as we are. This is why we study history and strive to educate. We must remember what an American is supposed to be. Our Founders would have run the flag-waving Corporatists out of town, in disgrace. Such Socialist people did exist, in the Founding Era. Wholly dependent on the Bank of England, compromised by commercial relationships with foreign interests, they took comfort and profit, unjustly extorted from the people who built a society on a raw continent. Those that sided with the corporate management, fled for their lives. We have a more effective method. Stop transacting with the Federal Reserve.

Neighbors are more trustworthy than bureaucrats. They certainly are less likely to be compromised by central banks, if their needs are met locally and personally. Neighbors have more interests in common. We know that the Federal Reserve was never our friend.

Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game

Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game

It is fitting that a series of programs aired on the History Channel in the order they appeared. First, there was a 2 hour documentary on the history of currency and it’s dark side, counterfeiting. This was followed by an hour on silver mines. Then, there was an hour on gold mines. That was the perfect background for this series. The statement that, in 1972, Richard Nixon freed the world from the tyranny of gold, is the perfect example of the arrogance and hypocrisy of human nature. History, filled with the evidence of dead civilisations, tells us that all wealth comes from the ground and was created with the foundation of the world. Every attempt to evade the Creator has the seed of it’s own destruction in it. Will the world acknowledge the lesson of history or collapse in failure again?

You would think that after almost 6,000 years, the world would know right from wrong. Certainly, someone should have acquired the wisdom to avoid repeating the same bad choices. About 3 decades ago, the proposal was made to index the price of oil to the prices of manufactured goods. The concept was not a new idea. Parity pricing has always been a stable and beneficial foundation for any economic structure. Even so, that proposal was rejected. Why any responsible and rational mind would reject such a proposal is unthinkable. Under a parity system, every aspect of economic activity improves. Producers of raw materials, manufacturers of finished goods and end users of those goods all prosper in an honest environment of equitable compensation. The only criticism that parity economics has ever faced is that it hinders the opportunity for the issuers of currencies to lie, cheat and steal.

Inflation. Not one person in one hundred knows what it is or how it works. People debate it’s workings, but never ask the questions that would open their understanding. No one ever asks who gains from inflation and who is cheated. For all of the fingers pointed and claims made, the same people win, every time. The operative component of inflation is arbtrary and worthless paper currencies. With no collateral to rest on, the door is opened to deception and manipulation. Promises are made, nations are buried in debt, and assets are sold off to keep an economy “solvent”. That solvency is also fabricated and contrived, subject to revocation. Witness the economic collapses in Mexico and Argentina. Both are slave nations, property of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. Seeing themes and plots from movies in the news, presented as real life, got old a long time ago. People are told that Economics is a science too complicated to be understood by ordinary people. The stunning lies that are fed to people set them up to be harvested in a very well established system of wealth transfer. From “The Longest Yard”, we have “If it worked once, it should work again, right?”. In 1929, Winston Churchill hosted a party on the night of the stock market crash. Those people cheated the people who worked the land and produced wealth out of their life savings and their homes. In 2000, 7 Trillion dollars went somewhere. Wealth doesn’t just disappear. It goes into someone’s pocket. We must ask ourselves; Is being first in the breadline at the soup kitchen a good thing?

How does this deliberate cycle of enticement, deception and theft translate to today? We have people who watched their savings leak out of their retirement plans. In self defense, they followed the advice they were given, investing in “emerging markets”. There were no markets. They invested in emerging manufacturing bases. Now they wonder what happened to their jobs. We have people who owe more on their homes than they can sell them for. But, refinancing and adjustable rates were good things, weren’t they? Obviously, the truth, the whole truth and consult your financial advisor before being swindled didn’t come into play, here. This is exactly how the harvesting process has always worked. When will people understand that the world is structured to take everything they have and leave them for dead?Now would be a good time to take stock of the present situation. People believe that the circumstances are good if they can buy things and go places. This is madness. The admissions that are made every day clearly refute the public perception. For months and months, we were told that there wasn’t any serious inflation to be concerned about. Now, we are told that inflationary pressures are expected to moderate by the end of the year. I’m sorry. I missed a transition in there, somewhere. Of course, I’ve been hearing for at least a year, that if diesel fuel prices hit $6/Gal., truckers are going to park their trucks and walk away from the loans. The ones that are worried about making their truck payments have nothing to worry about. The banks have a vested interest in keeping their trucks rolling. We haven’t seen anything yet. With commodities shortages and hyperinflation at the doorstep, the world is learning that paper is not gold and silver.

The events of the past week bring home the point of this series. Like it or not, we are in the same world with the destruction that has been inflicted on the world with debt and promises. The worst thing that ever happened to Africa and South America is the International Monetary Fund. After 50 plus years of loan guarantees and refinancing of debt, countries have been destroyed in both name and culture. The developed world faces the same fate. Entire continents are becoming land absorbed into the corporate structure, containing homeless people in holding pens. After people have traded their land and wealth for worthless paper, they are at the mercy of the harvesters. Revolving, escalating debt establishes slavery everywhere it takes root. Once established, people are removed from the land and commercial entities enter in under the authority of inequitable agreements entered into under coercion. Once debt is incurred, armed conflict inevitably follows. Any resistance by the indigenous population is met with military force. Once people are removed from land, resources are removed, leaving that country more impoverished than it was before. Without sovereign control of commerce, any nation is the property of a corporation. Cities become holding pens, people become livestock, and the slaughter begins. Remember Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “If private banks are allowed to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. They shall find themselves homeless in the land that their fathers settled.”.

People come. People go. Done properly, there is no conflict or confusion. As congestion and dependency increase, people and their connections to the land are severed. Where the emphasis once was on self-sufficiency, there now exists a corporate inflicted vulnerability. As people and life were separated from the land, so they were separated from individual conscience.  Individuals used corporate charters in a vain effort to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions. The evidence of history is that judgement comes and reality is served. Behavior that works stands the test of time. History is not kind to those glaring examples of failures that litter the wayside of time.

It is one thing when one individual declines to interact with another. It is quite another when two individuals are prohibited from interacting by a third. The issue of authority is instantly raised. In actual fact, multiple authorities are instantly in play. The transition between the two states is the most fascinating study in human nature. It is at the root of every conflict. In the whirlwind of current events, the difference might seem insignificant. There are so many authorities, legitimate as well as false, competing for attention. Without fixed standards of judgement, it is impossible to avoid deception and destruction. There is no substitute for being in the right place, at the right time, and taking the right action. How were Pts. 9 & 10 so important and related? They are critical factors in food production. From the corporate view, very often, indigenous populations are just in the way. Shutting down food production in a country is just one way to clear the land. The only result coming from international activities in developing nations in the last 50 years has been war, famine, disease and crushing ebt. When international forces enter an area, it is for the purpose of securing the harvest of resources. Food production is just one of the means that sustains a population on the land. At one time, Rhodesia was known as the breadbasket of Africa. By contrast, Zimbabwe is an unproductive beggar nation, dependent on  handouts and cheated out of it’s resources.


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