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Commercial Identity Update: Mar. 1st, 2012

Thursday. Mar. 1st, 2012 – With so many issues rising up in debate, it becomes easy to forget that the structural mechanisms have been in place, for 150 years. The general public sees these institutions as altruistic and beneficial. They believe the news media when the Corporate Wars of Conquest are promoted. Unless that changes, people will be led around by the ring in their commercial identity noses.

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Commercial Identity Update: Feb. 19th, 2012

The Feb. 19th update to “Two Masters” was written with the assumption that people are still free to decide which master they will serve. Taking a position for or against the position would resolve nothing, in the context of that writing. I contend here that, given the options, the question is why people choose to stay in debt slavery, and reject Biblical liberty. For the purposes of this writing, the choice3 of masters was decided when people chose their commercial identity. By voluntarily choosing U. S. citizenship, people have chosen to serve the debt slavery master, in perpetuity, cradle to grave. This is in stark contrast to the Biblical standard. A debtor would serve the lender for 6 years, and be freed from the debt, at the 7th year. In our culture, bankruptcy only frees the debtor to incur more debt. This system of unjust weights and measure deprive people of all liberty and property. It is all debt, from issuance into circulation, into and through the debt slavery of wages, legally defined as corpotrate profits, received as Federal employees. Like it or not, everything that U. S. citizens receive and possess, is taxable. Welcome to the Federal Debt Plantation.


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Two Masters Update Feb. 12th, 2012

     I don’t know if the last decade will ever be completely behind me. There are parts of it that were necessary to change both my understanding, and direction. That, I can accept. The things that I can not excuse, remain. Learning from those experiences does not add value to the specific activities. Learning does bring me principled conviction.  Today, I can describe that resolve. Yesterday, I couldn’t.

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The Daily Climb

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Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012 – It’s a very uneasy atmosphere in the world, this week. With all of the bad financial news and the threat of war, it seems that people are conditioned to expect nothing to happen. While it does help my peace of mind to not worry about things that haven’t happened, I also have one I eye open to the possibility of sudden changes. I see the important plan is to have a plan. Everything doesn’t go the way it was planned. This is where understanding Biblical principles and the lessons of history are important. In that regard, we are all still in school. We have a lot to learn, and we need instruction. We have seen enough to know that dependency is a problem. If we are cut off from necessities, we are vulnerable. Sometimes, people approach their worst enemies for help. It is a very dangerous thing to be at the mercy of human nature.

Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2012 – It’s a very uneasy atmosphere in the world, this week. With all of the bad financial news and the threat of war, it seems that people are conditioned to expect nothing to happen. While it does help my peace of mind to not worry about things that haven’t happened, I also have one I eye open to the possibility of sudden changes. I see the important plan is to have a plan. Everything doesn’t go the way it was planned. This is where understanding Biblical principles and the lessons of history are important. In that regard, we are all still in school. We have a lot to learn, and we need instruction. We have seen enough to know that dependency is a problem. If we are cut off from necessities, we are vulnerable. Sometimes, people approach their worst enemies for help. It is a very dangerous thing to be at the mercy of human nature.

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Purpose Driven Defects: Community Stability?

Purpose Driven Defects

Community Stability?

I’m sure everyone has seen situations that never got the attention that they should have. In the situations I’m about to describe, I’m sure that the people are long gone and statutes of limitation have run out. The biggest cracks in the system are sometimes the people in it. The hypocrisy in these situations devour communities

The message for today is clear. The issues left to government come back to bite communities. It is a most troubling aspect of human nature that the group mentality of a community is inclined to stay frozen in it’s tracks, saying and doing nothing. The Founding Fathers were right. People suffer corruption and abuse, so long as the wrongs are sufferable. In many cases, people are willing to live with knowledge of official malfeasance in office, fearing retribution and retaliation. This is how Hitler avoided dying a starving artist. The seed of genocide is always waiting to sprout in the soil of perversion of justice.

Communities generally sit on powder kegs, hoping the fuse never gets lit. Sometimes the static generated by the tension in the air sets it off. Regardless, when change comes, a community can never go back to the way it was. When the people move on and the cracks are patched, everyone breathes easier. The community survives to cope with the guilt of letting it happen.

When 3 businessmen and a police officer conspire with organized criminal interests to bring a pyramid scheme to a community, the undercurrent of broken trust floods every street.As the situation festers, social structure becomes increasingly dysfunctional. When official statements deny that any such activity is taking place, that is the end of credibility. The best that can be said is that such corruption is short-lived. Unfortunately, the memory is not.

What happens when a drug dealer has photographs of police officers using cocaine? The best interests of the community are ignored. Whatever hope that parents had for their children is threatened. The helpless feeling that engulfs the community is crippling. Everyone knew who the bad reputations were. Everyone looked the other way.

In all of these situations, community members don’t believe that they are involved or responsible. In these situations, inaction is a component of the process. If community members are not responsible, why do they end up paying for it?

Recounting embarrassing details of events long dead and gone may seem pointless. To some, that may be. Of greater importance are the national and global issues that people waive responsibility for, and express helpless compliance to. These things are done in their name, by their legal authority and with their consent. Washing hands didn’t work for Pilate, and it won’t work for the United States.

“People stand silent in the presence of corruption, to fall back in the small comfort of passionate defense of virtue they should have displayed, before the fact.”

Purpose Driven Defects: Modern Predators

Purpose Driven Defects

Modern Predators
     As I wrote in “The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”, the municipal response is predatory and genocidal. I experienced the presumption of guilt and ingrained bias against homeless people, today.
   Even when I got an admission out of the cop that I didn’t say that I had camped overnight in that location, his credibility was still better than mine. Nothing I said was accepted. The fact that I had carried a 60 lb. pack for a considerable distance before arriving there, still didn’t get considered in the timing of my activities.  The judge stated that it was likely that at least one piece of trash at the site was probably mine. All of this on presumption and unsubstantiated by independent corroboration.
    The bias in favor of the municipality is incredible. When I pointed out that I had reason to be intimidated by the presence of the uniform and gun, that was brushed aside. In that situation, the officer certainly had the power and opportunity to shoot me dead. Because he wasn’t  wearing the trappings or insignia of a Nazi soldier doesn’t place  any police officer above reproach. I’ve seen too many crooked cops in 45 years, to trust any of them.
     As I continue in “Purpose Driven defects”, I’ll illustrate some of these shameless predators in positions of authority. There are times when the best reputations in town are the worst threats to the public good. I’m sure everyone has many stories such as those I’ll present.

Unnatural Law: Country, Nation or Corporation?

                                    Unnatural Law

                  Corporation, Nation or Country?

     Without a long drawn out debate over legal definitions of terms, it can be said that there are very real differences in the outcomes of situations. It is possible to know the differences and still make very bad decisions. The purpose of this article is to encourage further study. Read the rest of this entry »

Unnatural Law: Introduction

                                                                Unnatural Law



     This article will describe, in general terms, the history of each section title. For further study and investigation, better books have been written, compiled and edited by people with far more expertise, experience, research and professional background than myself. If anyone is encouraged to further study, this article will have served it’s purpose.

Process Of Elimination

Process of Elimination

With the methods of ostracism and administrative character assassination that are in common practice today, who is able to to resist and defend themselves against agenda driven invasions of privacy? Compliance with regulatory demand will be no protection, in the end. After depending on a system to provide their needs by robbing their neighbors, the corporate structure sees that people are no more loyal and trustworthy than any other mercenaries. People are so accustomed to going along, to get along, that they ignore their complicity with activities that will eventually be turned back, upon them. Life won’t always be this good. As budgetary and commercial pressures intensify, expediency will be served. If the choice comes down to who eats and who starves, the bureaucrats and corporate thieves will make short work of the population.

We have seen a number of triage programs to deal with economic upheaval. Those who are compliant and trusting, are the first to go. Shelters and “work” programs are polite euphemisms for ghettos and internment camps. You are “helped” only if you are the property of a dead thing. This is how more than 100 million people were exterminated in the 20th century. Marginalized people are eliminated, their numbers reduced to break any remaining spirit of independence, and the compliant survivors are trapped on a cresting wave of debt, only to be swamped in the collapse. There are more riches-to-rags stories, every day.

These conditions won’t change. There has never been a recovery of purchasing power in the Federal Reserve note, since 1972. It was at that time that it became a pure fiat paper currency. Without any connection to gold and silver, men were pledged as security against debt. If this comes down to people cooking and eating their children, they were warned. They’ve harvested their neighbors for long enough. The carousel of revolving, pass-the-buck debt is about to slow to a stop. The currency collapse, in it’s final phase since 1972, will be complete. In the meantime, all of the indebted, indentured servants in their material prosperity will enjoy the adjustment periods between the downward steps, called “recoveries”. The hypocrisy that displays the audacity to define economic terms has no standing to define anything involving equity. Without independent audit of a monetary system that has engineered the wealth transfer from real money life into fiat currency death, there is nothing but the economic evidence to examine. The convicting fact is that the United States no longer has the ability to produce wealth to match the ability to incur debt. The common phrase for that is “operating in the red”. A disruption in the flow of debt caused the collapse of September, 2007. The conditions that produced that collapse have been placed in a different basket. Instead of a housing bubble, the financial disease is now infesting the United States Treasury. The remedies applied to date are a negative. Whether they are called liquidity infusion or refinancing, both are a form of selling the future to an adversary.

In the notes from the madness that is financial news, we see that the banks are going to loan the Federal Reserve “money” to help stabilize it. The question is, which walnut shell is the pea really under? It’s in Ben Bernanke’s right-hand jacket pocket. It must be quite a scene when Ben Bernanke makes a withdrawal. He presents the demand at the teller window. The teller responds, “But, of course, Mr. Ponzi! Would you like that in small, unmarked bills?” In a related headline, “Banks at risk after wild copter heist”. Helicopter Ben must be at it, again.

I know that I will see many of the people who now tell me what I have to do, in the street. I will listen to them tell me how they lost everything, when the economy went to Hell. The only response I can give them is, “It’s not there, yet. You’re still breathing.” If things get that bad, there won’t be any tree bark and grass left to eat.

When They Come For ….

When They Come For …”

It occurred to me in the quiet of the night, that everyone is, to some degree, institutionalized. I didn’t see it quite that way, before. The Federal Reserve system is a debtors’ prison. It is a coordinated confinement and containment system. Functionally, people “in the system” are constantly goaded into assaulting and robbing their neighbors. Of course, everyone believes that they are doing their loyal, patriotic duty by doing and paying their fair share. The reality is that they are mercenaries for a private bank. The end result is that everyone gets pillaged and sold into slavery. Bank wins. Everyone loses. Last year, I listened to people describe jail and the homeless shelters in interchangeable terms. Both were described as components in a seamless system. How is that not an institutionalized mindset? The greater evil is that the majority of people describe the Federal Reserve system in fatalistic terms.

People say that there is no escape. The problem is that people can’t escape and take their paper life with them. The fear is energized by the fact that, just as their is a punishment/reward structure in the penal system, so to is the regulation in the Federal Reserve Monopoly game. Since everything in the U. S. economy is tied up in paper, the only realistic option is to let go of the paper. Even precious metals markets are compromised. Transactions are dependent on the existence of a widely accepted fiat currency system. Unfortunately, people won’t let go of the paper, until it crumbles to dust, and slips through their fingers. From what people have always told me, they believe that, at the point of collapse of the Federal Reserve note, they are as good as dead. That is strange. There is nothing noble about going down with a ship of liars and thieves. That would be the moment when people would be most desperate to live. In hindsight, life will appear to have been easy, before the Federal Reserve came for them. Life is about to become hard work.

People get marginalized and eliminated in stages. The weakest go first, harvested by the next strongest, with the blessing of the control structure. This is why relative financial strength is no basis for security. At some point, every economic strata will become the next target. For illustration of the human harvesting process, study the last 100 years of history in Africa. This is how Conquest is done. All those who made their fortunes from the demise of their neighbors must now watch their backs. It’s beginning to sound like the old Roman Empire. E. Pluribus Urinal. Summa Cum Commode. It’s difficult to find proper Latin phrases for fake money. When the collapse inherent to fiat currencies is completed in the Federal Reserve note, I’m sure that people will have much more colorful terms.

I wonder if people’s vulnerability is tied directly to their faith in the currency. It may be a closed loop question. The starting point depends on who initiated the fraud. I mention this, only because I see the promotional efforts for the next bubble, underway. I saw an ad in the paper, telling people to “bulk up” their 401(k)s. Don’t miss the recovery!”. Well they’re at it, they should put “$?”20 on Bucket Bladder in the 5th race. Then, they can at least have their “bad luck” to blame for their misfortune. If people could understand that it is the central banks that decide economic conditions, they would be in position to fix their vulnerability problem.

We are watching the functional, administrative confiscation and seizure of all private property. This subject will be examined tomorrow, in “Eminent Domination”. This is the warning sign and the tipping point. Before they come for you, they come for your possessions.


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